Ira Robins Investigative Consultant
Finding the facts and information you need.


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Ira Robins
Investigative Consultant

P. O. Box 1467
Milwaukee, WI 53201


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What services does Ira Robins provide?
  • I find
    • Missing Heirs
    • Witnesses
    • Long Lost Relatives and Friends
    • Birth Parents
  • I uncover
    • Concealed Evidence
    • Official Misconduct
    • Abuse of Official Databases
    • Proof of Criminal Acts
    • Homicides Ruled Suicides/Accidental Death
  • I research
    • Assets, Liabilities & Other Relevant Information regarding Businesses & Principals (before purchase)
    • Backgrounds of Boyfriends & Girlfriends (before commitment)
    • Backgrounds of Potential Jurors (before selection)
  • I verify
    • Chain of Custody of Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases
    • Current and Past Addresses, Employment, Licensing
Wondering if I can find the facts or information you need?  Call or email me!