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My dedication to protecting the vulnerable and freeing the innocent is unparalleled.  These websites provide the latest information in important, ongoing investigations, as well as new developments in areas of law that affect thousands of people -- maybe even YOU.

National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA)
NASGA is a public benefit civil rights organization. I work closely with NASGA to help prevent guardianship abuse.  I also assist in rescuing vulnerable adults whose rights have been violated and whose assets have been stolen. 

Truth in Justice
I am Vice President and a member of the board of directors of Truth in Justice.  This non-profit organization seeks to heighten public awareness of the epidemic of wrongful convictions through its web site and other outreach effots.

The only thing worse than doing time for a crime you didn't commit is being dumped out the prison door when you are finally freed.  Exonerees are often abandoned when they are freed, and many can find only subsistence jobs.  ConCrafts is a market venue for their special order, handmade crafts.  You'll be proud to own these heirloom-quality items, and to know you've offered a deserving person a hand up back into society.